Un- Bali -evable

Bali was the final stop of our Asia trip and the week that we planned to treat ourselves after weeks of hostels! One thing that is so valuable for budget-travelling is how far your money goes in Asia, you can almost live like a king on a pauper’s wage – love it!

After hearing mixed reviews on places to visit in Bali, we landed on the most positively talked about… Ubud, Gili Trawangan and Seminyak.
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Vietnam – azing

The second stop on our Asia trip and Vietnam went straight up in the ranks as one of the best countries I’ve ever visited! We planned to start at the top of Vietnam in Hanoi and work our way down, visiting: Huê, Hôi An and Ho Chi Minh City.

Keeping in the ‘backpacker’ budget, we booked all of our hostels through Hostelworld.com, however, some of these easily rivalled decent hotels – only with a more welcoming and homier feel!
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India – DELHIghtful!

7 years on from my first trip to India and I’m back but, this time with my 2 best friends, Poppy and Liv. This was the first leg of our month trip around Asia and we had planned to complete ‘The Golden Triangle’ – Agra, Jaipur, Delhi. We booked all of our accommodation through Hostelworld.com, which is a god-send for a variety of budget accommodation and plenty of reviews to tell you all the ins and outs of the hostels… be sure to read the reviews in-detail as they may change your mind!
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N – Iceland

Katie and I decided on a 5-day trip to Iceland for our annual sister trip, and I cannot recommend it enough! Now, being cold is my biggest hate but, as long as you’re geared up like an Eskimo and you’ve got lots planned then you’ll just forget about being cold! Well, sort of… ha.

Iceland is very expensive from trips, to restaurants, to alcohol, to souvenirs in shops. Iceland’s cost of living is over 68% more expensive than the UK so, as long as you go with the mindset that a bottle of Coca Cola might cost you £5 – you’ll be fine! The experience of Iceland is worth it though!
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You’ve Got to NY – See This

This was the biggest and most amazing surprise I’ve ever had in my entire life… My boyfriend planned a trip to New York for my 21st birthday for 5 days – coming home on Christmas eve!

I was so ready to remake Home Alone 2 and get lost in New York!
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Perfect Pad Thai-ming (Pad-Thai Recipe)

When I first booked my trip to Thailand, this was one of the first Thai meals that I got into eating before I went – it’s a hard life practicing your eating…

Pad Thai is such a popular dish and you can find it in so many restaurants, street markets and little street vendors. I was desperate to try and re-create pad-Thai when I got home to keep up my fix. It is so quick and simple to make and is definitely one of my ‘go-to’s!
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How Good is your Wood?

I have been to Qatar Goodwood Horse Racing Festival in Chichester twice now, both completely different trips, but I loved them both!


My mum was feeling bittersweet about turning 50, so wanted to celebrate in style, and with enough celebrations to last the whole month… There was 7 of us attending Goodwood and we couldn’t wait to celebrate my mum’s big day (and hopefully win a small fortune at the same time…)!
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Cerealsly Good Breakfast

Who doesn’t love a cocktail for breakfast?

Only this time, it’s with cereal and milk…

But not your basic Cornflakes and semi-skimmed (I’ll apologise to my gal Liv because that’s her favourite cereal combination – I’m trying to educate her!).

I was scrolling through Instagram and on my ‘explore page’ was a post about a cereal café that was going to be opening on Brick Lane, London. I’m not from London but I was 100% willing to arrange a trip around a visit to a cereal café.
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Venice the Menace

We took a scenic train ride from Rome to Venice to get ready to celebrate my cousin’s 21st birthday – she was studying part of her university year there (jealous, I know!).


Our hotel had a great central location, just a 5-minute walk from Venice’s Santa Lucia  Train Station and on the street next to the Canal Grande. For those ice cream lovers, it’s a few minutes walk from the Magnum Pleasure Store, where you choose your own ice cream, chocolate coating and toppings. Dribble. Amazing.


Thankfully my cousin had been in Venice for a few months and had scoped out good places to eat and drink. On the night of her birthday, after dinner, we moved on to Bacaro Jazz Bar for a night of cocktails. There was jazz music playing and the ceiling was covered in bras – sadly, there wasn’t much point in donating one of mine as I live in sports bras, haha…


The rounds of drinks were flowing; and I got hooked on the piña coladas. My mum decided to purchase a ‘selfie stick’ whilst in Rome and now I have an abundance of unflattering group pictures that got blurrier as the night went on…


The streets are lit by street lamps as the night and the reflections shined in the canal. This is all lovely and scenic until you realise that everyone was slightly tipsy and not all of the canals have barriers. Everyone remained safe, apart from my aunty’s shoe that is now probably at the bottom of the canal.


Walking through the labyrinth of Venetian streets and seeing the antique-looking houses and shops that bordered the canals whilst wandering over quaint bridges was magical.

However, this all changed when it rained…

We are all feeling a little fragile the morning after the cocktails and I was woken up by, what I thought, was my aunty’s noisy alarm clock to then be told that it was the flood sirens. I’d never seen preparations like it in my life, I mean military standard.

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By the time we had eaten breakfast and ventured out, the streets were lined with duck-boards, and shops and homes had flood barriers raised. I had visions of next season’s clothing line, as the majority of Venice (including myself) strutted around in brightly coloured ponchos and waterproof waders.

As this was our sight-seeing day, we powered on to see the likes of Piazza San Marco, the Basilica di San Marco, the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs. I didn’t feel that a sight-seeing agenda was absolutely necessary as wondering the tiny streets (and getting lost if you’re us) is a sight in itself! We meandered into shops and then retired with a hot chocolate, which was basically melted chocolate – not good for the blood sugar levels but definitely good for a hangover and soggy clothes.


Venice is full of beautiful architecture, full of lavish designer shops and definitely full of photo opportunities! I loved Venice and will definitely be returning to experience it in the sun!

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“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” – Giuseppe Verdi


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Hotel Amadeus


Trip Advisor – 4.5

Booking.com – 8



No Rome for Error

After planning a trip to Venice to see my cousin for her 21st birthday, we decided to add a visit to Rome for 3 days before heading to Venice by train.

Our hotel was walking distance to most attractions and restaurants, and 200 yards from Rome’s Termini Train Station where we caught the underground rail to Vatican City (I didn’t mind the hustle and bustle of the underground; however, I did have a grown woman crying in my face as we were squashed like sardines in the carriage – so, it’s not for everyone…).
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