Chicken & Prawn Pad Thai Recipe

You may or may not have read my previous travel posts about our trip to Thailand, but it will remain one of my favourite trips to date! The food being a major highlight and Pad Thai being a staple part of our holiday diet. Well, if it ain’t broke?
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Prawn, Chorizo, Spinach & Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Recipe

I love having friends round for dinner and playing host and chef!  I feel as though you cannot go wrong with a pasta dish as it’s a crowd-pleaser and it means you can still relax and spend time with your guests, rather than slaving away over a hot stove all evening…
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Prosciutto & Rosemary Wrapped Cod Loin with Oven-baked Risotto Recipe

A ritual for me and my mum is to pick up all of the free monthly supermarket magazines as they are always brimming with recipes and food ideas! Such a great way to spark some inspiration if you’re feeling a little flat with you meal ideas. This was one from an ASDA magazine!
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Portobello Road Market

Excuse me for beginning my London blog posts with an exceptionally cliché location, but I haven’t been here for very long so, right now, I’m still thriving off all of the touristy spots! Portobello Road Market is a complete contrast to its surround streets and like a step back in time. It’s just great. Keep on reading!

Steak Cheeseburger with Pulled Oxtail Recipe

Burgers aren’t usually a meal I choose, but wow-o-wow this was another level of burger. I’m salivating just typing about it. Jamie Oliver, I salute you for this triumph and, although a little spendy when you accumulate all of the ingredients, for a treat it’s totally worth it.
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Miso Aubergine Recipe

It’s a common misconception that it’s better to steer clear from vegetarian/ vegan options in restaurants for fear of them being too boring, but that can all change if a little care and attention is paid to your ingredients. This can start in the comfort of your own kitchen!
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Chilli, Mirin & Honey Prawns Recipe

My boyfriend, Joel, and I are very competitive and he decided to cook me a surprise 3 course meal as he knows food is the way to my heart! Somewhat nervous, he sculpted a menu including all of favourite ingredients, including prawns. This is all well and good, but now I have a target to beat (I know, I can’t just be happy with what I have…).
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