Portobello Road Market

Excuse me for beginning my London blog posts with an exceptionally cliché location, but I haven’t been here for very long so, right now, I’m still thriving off all of the touristy spots! Portobello Road Market is a complete contrast to its surround streets and like a step back in time. It’s just great. Keep on reading!

Coombe on Over – Warwickshire Country Walks!

In a previous post I’ve harped on about how you do not have to travel far for the experience to be fabulous and I’m still a firm believer of this. MAYBE this is because I’m young, dumb and broke at the moment, trying to claw my way through my final year of university, and therefore do not have the time or funds to travel anywhere further… but MAYBE not. Keep on reading!

Paris: Eiffel in Love (Part 2)

If you’ve been reading my blog posts since I started published, then you will know that good food is life.

Paris is strewn with chic cafés and restaurants and they are the perfect spots to sit for hours and watch the world go by (or, if you’re like me, conduct some extensive people watching). Outdoor drinking and eating seems to be season-less in Paris, with outdoor heating, I’ve never eaten outside so much in December with temperatures of about 5 degrees – it’s ace! Keep on reading!

Paris: Eiffel in Love (Part 1)

I’ve decided to break our Paris trip down into three parts (shock horror, I have lots to say) so, check back for ‘Part 2’ next week…

Our trip to Paris was almost completely forgotten about having booked it on an impulse when travelling back from our last New Year’s adventure to Newquay. We loved celebrating the new year somewhere new and, with a booking.com sale, it was too good to resist! Keep on reading!