Vegan Brunching: We Meat Again

Veganism seems to be a very controversial issue, with one end of the spectrum supporting it and the other end despising it… Either way, I’m not a vegan myself, but I do like to do my bit to help the animals and the environment.

It’s really great to see more and more people getting on board with the idea of ditching meat in a few of their weekly meals, joining the “meat free Mondays” incentive or attempting “Veganuary”!

One of the great things about the surge in popularity is it means veganism is becoming more accessible and on-trend, with a multitude of quirky and fresh vegan eateries starting up!

After our yoga and meditation class, we wanted to continue our cleansing Saturday morning with a healthy brunch. I’d be drooling over “Redemption Bar” on Instagram for a while and it seemed the perfect time to try it! They have a few locations; we visited the Shoreditch bar.

One thing that shocked me about vegan eateries is how well-thought-out their dishes and ingredients are, so much so that I promise you won’t even miss the bacon or the sausage that should have been on your full English breakfast!


Here’s a fun down of what we tried:

Chocolate Maca Shake
Raw cocao, maca powder, banana, dates and oat milk

Pure Salvation Fruitie Smoothie
Orange , pineapple, lemon and raspberry puree39E722CF-8F4F-49D4-B729-4EE26A244388.JPG

Marinated Medicinal Mushrooms
Shitake, chestnut, nameko and golden needle mushrooms marinated in parsley, garlic and olive oilA7516BED-8C7E-402A-84A9-1A15E31B4949.JPG
Even the dish names sound healthy… This was the dreamiest breakfast, with mushrooms so meaty that they actually reminded me of meat – madness! And who doesn’t love a creamy sauce, without the guilt of eating cream?!

I urge you to open your mind to vegan ingredients, dishes and restaurants because they are far from limited and embrace the non-meat or non-meat-produce ingredients!

Let me know if you know of any vegan/ vegetarian eateries that you love and would recommend – I’m a sucker for good food… it that wasn’t already obvious!


“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.”  – Joaquin Phoenix





Redemption Bar, Shoreditch

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