Birthday – ay!

A bit of a life update: on Wednesday I turned 23 and, like all good birthdays, the celebrations need to span over at least a week. I was determined to embrace this birthday as I definitely suffer from “Peter Pan Syndrome” and have a massive fear of getting older. I spent most of my 22nd birthday crying, HA. Honestly, what am I…

I’m not normally one to reflect on another year of being alive and set unachievable goals for the next year, but with finishing university in June, I’m hoping for big changes: a degree, an adult-ish career, an *optimistic* move to somewhere new and exciting, and a new camera to capture all of these moments.

I enjoyed the first of my celebrations feeling festive and full at The Grey Goose, in Gilmorton, with my family and Joel.

My mum and sister had been laughing about/ dreading the day of my birthday after last year and I woke up to a full effort of banners, balloons and bags of gifts. It put me in the best mood, I was so grateful! I think they were also grateful that they didn’t have to spend the day consoling me…

The celebrations continued on my school placement (part of my university course). Every year I’ve been sure to book my birthday off work. However, this year I couldn’t, but my year 5 class couldn’t have made me feel more special with homemade cards and presents!

My birthday evening consisted of an Indian takeaway (or banquet with the amount of food we ordered) with all of my family. This meant everyone round drinking, chatting and laughing at the baby photos that my mum insists on haunting me with – annually. Joel was revelling in my poorly-styled hair, boyish clothes and face full of braces. This was all finished off with a ‘Connie the Caterpillar’ cake – because no one quite does a birthday cake like M&S does. As you can probably tell, the birthday celebrations are doing absolutely NOTHING for my pre-Christmas diet…

The final birthday celebration came from a surprise birthday present from my best gal, Poppy. She knows how food-obsessed I am and yet I’ve never been for afternoon tea?! Criminal, I know.

Living in Warwickshire, we’re only 15 minutes from the stunning Coombe Abbey Country Hotel and so, I had afternoon tea for two to look forward to! I love the idea of not always getting material presents and instead, planning something to do so that you can actually enjoy the time with your favourite people!

To sum it all up, I’m a little bit older, a little bit fatter and (hopefully) a little bit wiser.

“And yes, I will always be a little bit fat.” – Bridget Jones




The Grey Goose, Gilmorton

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