If you’re like me and you still feel a little bit sad that Harry Potter and the magic of Hogwarts isn’t real, then this is the place to go…

As soon as the tour starts, you are immersed in the different sets of the films, such as, Harry’s ‘Privet Drive’ house, Dumbledore’s office, the Grand Hall, the Hogwarts Express train and the model re-make of Hogwarts.

I’d definitely recommend hiring the headphone sets to provide you with all of the set details and how the animatronics work. The whole place was fascinating – I don’t think I spoke to my mum or sister for about an hour because we were all so engrossed in the headphone-tour-guide!


Getting a closer look at the costumes, masks and aesthetics really reminds you of why the films feel so real, the detail and intricacy amaze you in some ways and frighten you in others because they are so life-like! The model of Voldemort’s soul still sends shivers down my spine, ha.


I have a real sweet tooth and so, I was desperate to try a glass of Butterbeer! Sadly, I was disappointed with the beer but the Butterbeer foam on top was sooooo good * wipes dribble *. I think I’ll try the Butterbeer ice cream on my next visit!


One of the best parts of the tour was flying the Nimbus 2000 and Ron’s car against a green-screen (I think this was the first time that my mum and sister have let me drive a car and they actually felt safe…).

The broomstick ride was ace. I, admittedly, got far too into it, and was practically leaning horizontally to make myself more streamlined – as if I was suddenly going to start flying faster. I was ducking, I was weaving, there was a wind-machine blowing in my face – I can only imagine this is how Vogue models feel.

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The organisation of the tour works well because people are drip-fed in at their tour start-time, however, because it is so popular, try to book tickets on weekdays if you’re hoping for less crowds (we queued for around 30 minutes for the green-screen).


You’re still surrounded by it all even after the tour finishes because the gift shop is jam-packed with souvenirs from the Hogwarts Houses’ gowns to pet owls (they’re only puppets – don’t panic parents), to a wand of your choice from Ollivanders Wand Shop! I picked up my gal Ella’s birthday present almost 8 months in advance because a “Dolores Umbridge’s cat tea set” was too good to pass up on…


I don’t think Harry Potter World will ever tire because there is so much to see that I guarantee that if/ when you go back, there will be things that you missed. I’m already ready to go back to see the Forbidden Forest feature!

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“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”  – Dumbledore (The Philosopher’s Stone)

Thank you for reading!


Harry Potter World

3 thoughts on “Blog-warts!

  1. Love love love this post! I felt the same about the Butterbeer the cream was good but put that with the actual drink and it was a bit ew… I went again when the Forbidden Forest was built and it is okay but I wouldn’t go just for that feature definitely wait until they do more xxx


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