No Rome for Error

After planning a trip to Venice to see my cousin for her 21st birthday, we decided to add a visit to Rome for 3 days before heading to Venice by train.

Our hotel was walking distance to most attractions and restaurants, and 200 yards from Rome’s Termini Train Station where we caught the underground rail to Vatican City (I didn’t mind the hustle and bustle of the underground; however, I did have a grown woman crying in my face as we were squashed like sardines in the carriage – so, it’s not for everyone…).

We dubiously stumbled into a small family-run restaurant “Trattoria Giovanni” directly
opposite our hotel for dinner. It felt like you were eating in someone’s dining room because it was so small, but the place was packed with Italian locals (always a good sign for quality food) so, we wedged ourselves into our seats. We managed to laugh about the cramped atmosphere, my dad (the ticking time-bomb) however, ended up in the seat that you had to stand up every time someone needed the toilet. Only he would end up in that seat… The only way to cool his head is to laugh at him and quickly order another beer – so we did just that, haha.


This was the first place we ate, and it was by far the best – I had the tastiest seabass I’d ever eaten with vegetables that would have kids ditching chocolate for their 5-a-day. Another bonus (for over 18s) when you order a drink, the staff go by the rule of you remembering the tide-mark on the bottle at the start of the night and then compare where you leave it when you’re finished. 16 euros for a whole bottle of Disoranno (not all to myself, haha) isn’t bad for the budget but, it’s not good for the head when you’re sightseeing all of the next day…

I know that a lot of travellers like to go off-the-beaten-track when sight-seeing, but it was my first visit to Rome and, to be honest, I wanted to live the fantasy of the Lizzie McGuire Movie…


Touristy things to do:

  • Colosseum – Try the night tour!
  • Vatican City – St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museum, Sistene Chapel, St Peter’s Square
  • Trevi Fountain – You may need to elbow your way to the front to throw your penny for your wish!
  • Spanish Steps
  • Pantheon
  • Roman Forum
  • Altare della Patria
  • Piazza de Popolo – Great for an Aperol Spritz in the square!34101EB1-ADED-4129-A8AE-7C0AC26DF6A9.JPG
  • Capitoline Museums
  • Hadrian’s Villa
  • Villa Borghese Gardens – My dad and I decided to hire Segways and ride around the gardens. * A little bit more about my dad, he’s a cocky sh*t * and decided to attempt to ride no-handed – he grabbed the handlebars quicker than you just blinked! On our ride, we bumped into Adrian Chiles, the BBC presenter (don’t worry, I had to Google him too) who was filming for a documentary. So, my dad made it his mission for us to try and Segway our way on camera. If you’re an Adrian Chiles fan and you’ve seen my face riding by in the background, let me know, it could be my first claim to fame. 4B1507DE-53A4-4ECE-9654-C22346015027.JPG
  • River Tiber 
  • Piazza Nervona – We decided to grab a taxi on our last night to the Piazza. Being the youngest, I was shoved into the middle seat to find that it had no seatbelt. I didn’t panic too much – until the driver put his foot on the accelerator. Either he was running from the law or his wife had just called and said dinner was ready because I was falling around so much that my mum and aunty had to link my arms to keep me in my seat. All I could think of was Ross, from Friends, saying “Isn’t that why we took a ride in the death-cab?!” When we got to the Piazza, the atmosphere in the square was so lively with everyone sat outside under lights and heaters and you were spoilt for choice on places to eat and drink!


“I love places that have an incredible history. I love the Italian way of life. I love the food. I love the people. I love the attitudes of Italians.” – Elton John

Thank you for reading my post – check out my next post for the Venice part of the trip!



Hotel Morgana


Trip Advisor – 4.5 – 8.2

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